Compare And Contrast The Monkey's Paw And The Parachutist

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“The Elevator”, “The Monkey’s Paw”, and “The Parachutist” are similar because they all demonstrate that the title of the story is significant to each short story. The story, “The Elevator” is related to the title because the elevator itself is where the conflict took place. The title, “The Monkey’s Paw” is also significant to the story because the monkey’s paw becomes the source of the conflict. “The Parachutist”, the title is also important to the story but in a different way. The story gives the cat personification to be the parachutist. All three stories have important titles but in different ways.
The Elevator is about a twelve year old boy named Martin, who over reacts about his experiences with elevators. The author has a creative title, “The Elevator”. This is an important title because the story takes place in his new apartment’s …show more content…

The hurricane caused rain for two days and a night which made it difficult for the hawk to find food, although he did find some. His first source of food that he found was a mouse, his second was a kitten. The title “The Parachutist” uses personification to represent the kitten in the story. The cat becomes a parachutist when it learns to hold onto the hawk because now the cat is in control and the hawk becomes the parachutist. In the story it says, “The kitten was the pilot now and the hawk no longer the assassin of the void, the lord of the sky, and the master of the wind” (Niland 36). This quote is showing how the cat becomes a parachutist which is ironic because the title of the story is “The Parachutist”. The author D’Arcy Niland was clever by picking this title because it does not say what the story is about, it just gives a little hint about what could possibly appear in the story. The title is only understandable to someone who has read the story because it is not obvious that they are talking about someone who is

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