Comparing How Stories Came To Earth And Coyote Steals Fire

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Trickster Tales “Fool, I am taking you to pay for the sky-god’s stories.” Anansi the spider said this quote in the trickster tale “How Stories Came to Earth”. Trickster Tales are stories about a trickster who tries to outwit people, gods, or animals into getting something they want. In “How Stories Came to Earth” a spider named Anansi wants the stories to learn and share, but sky-god has a challenge for Anansi. He must capture a python, leopard a hornet and a fairy. After reading “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Coyote Steals Fire” it was obvious there are many similarities and differences between the two tales. There are many similarities between the two tales. The first similarity is both tales use anthropomorphism. In each tale the main

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