Comparing Quote For Cheating In Coyote's Story

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“Where is he so that i can kill him” this is said by thunder when he wants to kill coyote for cheating in coyote steals fire.In the story coyote gambles his life for fire with the thunder god,the coyote cheated during the entire game and that angered thunder. In response to this thunder threw fire at coyote, but it was a fake coyote. After reading coyote steal fire and how stories came to earth it was obvious,how similar they were but yet they were so different at the same time. The two trickster tales,coyote steal fire and how stories came to earth are so similar. The trickster Anansi and Coyote are extreme smart and cunning otherwise they wouldn 't have been successful in their plans. When the stories are reviewed and looked at their traits

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