Trickster Essays

  • Anansi The Trickster Essay

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    the Trickster “Trickster is at one and the same time creator and destroyer, giver and negator, he who dupes others and who is always duped himself… and is at the mercy of his passions and appetites” (Moffett). The trickster archetype can be found in many cultures from all around the world; such as, in the Native American culture a common trickster is the fox and in the Chinese culture a common trickster is the character known as the Monkey King. The purpose of these tricksters, and tricksters all

  • Trickster Myths Comparison

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    Reader Response Journal – Quiz 4 Trickster Myths Comparison Tricksters play a key role in many cultures beliefs. These tricksters have tattooed their folktales and stories inside of their region and families. A Tricksters behavior and decisions fall into a group of fundamental aspects that define who and what they are. These tricksters from different background and ethnicities can be compared to one another. There are Tricksters whom have the same fundamental aspects. The Ghana and West Africa

  • The Purpose Of A Trickster Mythology

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    Trickster myths have been present in our society since the first stories were written down. Trickster gods serve an important function in every pantheon; they break through conventional methodology in order to solve problems using wit, craftiness, and cleverness. In some myths, Trickster gods serve a destructive force, getting humanity in trouble and prompting punishment from greater powers, such as that which occurs in the Prometheus myth. The ultimate purpose of the trickster character in mythology

  • Titan Prometheus Trickster Quotes

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    A trickster is defined as a character that shows a degree of intellect and knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or go against normal rules and conventional behavior. To be a trickster one has to be deceptive, manipulative and cunning. Both Prometheus and Hermes are excellent examples of tricksters, but while they have similarities there are also differences between the two gods. The Titan Prometheus, born from Titans Iapetus and Clymene, was a cunning trickster and famously gave the humans fire

  • Comparing Two Trickster Tales

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    Trickster Tales “From now and forever my sky-god stories belong to you Kose! Kose! Kose! my blessing, my blessing, my blessing. We will now call these “Spider Stories.”” This is a quote from the trickster story “How Stories Came to Earth.” In this story a spider works to capture 4 animals to pay the price for the sky-god stories. In the two trickster stories “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Master Cat” there are many similarities and differences. In the two trickster tales of “How Stories Came

  • Mythological Hero And Trickster Importance

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    Hero and Trickster Importance Hero and Trickster characters play prominent roles in numerous stories from diverse cultures. They are archetypes which may be analyzed to provide insight into and compare modern and ancient cultures. They mutually serve as a means to teach something. When looking at these characters and their journey’s evidence of a culture’s values and ethics can be seen. The characteristics and actions of both heroes and tricksters are significant to a culture. The trickster is a source

  • Comparing The Trickster Characters Of Tranio And Ferris Bueller

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    The Trickster character has existed since the origin of comedy. This role is still an important part of many comedies today. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the trickster characters of Tranio in The Haunted House with Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Tranio and Ferris have different social and economic backgrounds and different motives for their foolery. However, both characters rebel against the system and push for social change, influence others and create wild plots and

  • Coyote Steals Fire: Trickster Tales

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    Trickster Tales “ Fool i'm taking you to pay for the Sky God's stories.” This folktale came from the story How Stories Came to Earth. Every time Anasi captured the animals he would call them fools and took them to the Sky God. How Stories Came to Earth, and Coyote Steals Fire are folktales that have several similarities and differences. In the two stories How stories Came to Earth and Coyote Steals Fire there are many similarities between them. One of the first similarities of the two stories

  • The Winnebago Trickster Cycle: The Four Characteristics Of Literature

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    like the Iroquois and Navajo creation stories. Other forms of literature, such as the Winnebago Trickster Tales, might intend to

  • Avoid The Tricksters From Native American Stories

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    Avoid the Stupid Behaviors of the Tricksters from Native American Stories Many tricksters appeared in the early American stories. In those stories, the tricksters’ behaviors are often ridiculous or stupid which make people laugh. However, if you think about those stories deeply, you will find that the appearance of those stories meets the social needs in that period. People wanted to tell later generations some principles through the stories which were funny and easy to memory. For example, two stories

  • Comparing Deities Of The Trickster Archetype In Different Culture

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    Comparing Deities The trickster archetype is a frequently represented deity that is memorable in many different culture’s pantheons and is exemplified through their mythologies. This clever deity figure is often an instigator that acts to propel the wheels of change, he is often mischievous in his methods and his motivations may be questioned by higher-ranking deities. Often times it is the trickster deity that is made an example of in many of the mythological tales. The Norse trickster deity Loki and the

  • Comparison Of Two Trickster Tales: How Stories Came To Earth

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    Trickster Tales “Whats remains still remains.” This quote came from the trickster tale “How Stories Came to Earth”. This is what the Sky-God said to Anansi, the spider, when Anansi took an animal to the Sky-God but, he still had more animals to capture. “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Master Cat, or Puss in Boots” are two trickster tales that had many similarities and differences throughout. The trickster tales “How Stories Came to Earth’ and “Master Cat, or Puss in Boots” have multiple similarities

  • Living Sideways: Social Themes And Relationships In Native American Trickster Tales

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    Relationships in Native American Trickster Tales, Franchot Ballinger discusses the evolving definition of a trickster in Native American tales. This essay will examine the character Det. Alonzo Harris, and his relationship with his student Jake Hoyt using the social themes and social relationships identified by Franchot Ballinger in his article, Living Sideways: Social Themes and Social Relationships in Native American Trickster Tale. Ballinger believes that tricksters may be ‘bad’ or ‘good’, and the

  • Coyote Steals Fire Story

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    A spider that can capture a leopard, python, and other beasts, and a Coyote that can defeat the powerful Thunder? These come from two trickster tales called, “How Stories Came to Earth” and, “Coyote Steals Fire.” A trickster tale is a story featuring a protagonist, who is often an anthropomorphized animal that has magical powers and is characterized as a compendium of opposites. In the story, “How Stories Came to Earth,” there is a spider who must capture four creatures so he can get the sky god

  • Comparison Of Master Cat And Coyote Steals Fire

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    Trickster Tales “Here I am, Uncle,” He cried. “Kill me if you can.” This quote came from the trickster tale, “Coyote Steals Fire.” The Coyote was pretending that he was in his skin so that the Sky God would throw the fireball at him. “Coyote Steals Fire,” are two trickster tales that include several similarity and differences. The two trickster tales “Coyote Steals Fire,” and “Master Cat,” have various similarities. Each trickster tale contained anthropomorphism. Anthropomorphism can be defined

  • Comparing How Stories Came To Earth And Coyote Steals Fire

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    Trickster Tales “Fool, I am taking you to pay for the sky-god’s stories.” Anansi the spider said this quote in the trickster tale “How Stories Came to Earth”. Trickster Tales are stories about a trickster who tries to outwit people, gods, or animals into getting something they want. In “How Stories Came to Earth” a spider named Anansi wants the stories to learn and share, but sky-god has a challenge for Anansi. He must capture a python, leopard a hornet and a fairy. After reading “How Stories Came

  • The Bear Who Stole The Chinbook Compare And Contrast

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    you know any tricksters? In fact, I know several trickster tales, and I read some recently called "The Bear Who Stole the Chinook" and "Coyote and the Pebbles." A trickster is someone who betrays and disrupts others. For example, Bear steals the Chinook, and Coyote messes up people's portraits by tripping over pebbles. Also, Bear is the better trickster because he's more aggressive and selfish than Coyote. Bear is more aggressive than Coyote, which makes him the better trickster. Having a better

  • Comparing Master Cat And Coyote Steals Fire

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    Trickster Tales “ But as for me, once I’ve eaten the cat and made a muff from its’ skin. I will surely starve to death.” This a quote taken from the trickster tale entitled “Master Cat” In the story the miller's son was mad at his father for only leaving him the cat after he died. The trickster tales “Master Cat” and “Coyote Steals Fire” have several similarities and differences In both “Master Cat” and “Coyote Steals Fire” have several similarities throughout the stories. The similarities are

  • Compare And Contrast How Stories Came To Earth And Master Cat

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    “From now on forever, my sky-god stories belong to you.” This is a quote taken from the trickster tale “How Stories Came to Earth.” In this Story a spider named Anansi, Captured Fore animals to get the sky-god's Stories. “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Master Cat” have many similarities and differences and are both trickster tales. These two Stories have many similarities. The First was these stories are similar are they both have antropomorfism. An example is a cat walking and talking or a spider

  • Coyote Steals Fire Short Story

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    Trickster Tales “There was a time when people had no fire.” This is a quote taken from the trickster tale “Coyote Steals Fire.” There was a coyote that wanted fire from the god Thunder. Then Coyote tricks Thunder to get the fire. Finally coyote gives the fire to all of the small animals. The trickster tales “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Coyote Steals Fire” has a lot of similarities and differences. There are so many similarities in “Coyote Steals Fire” and “How Stories came to Earth.” Some of