Compare And Contrast The Scottsboro Trial And To Kill A Mockingbird

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Once Hannah Arendt says “The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil”. Society shapes and influences people in many different ways. From back then to now the way people are shaped and influenced has changed drastically. Today many people are influenced and shaped by music, social media and famous people. Back then people were influenced and shaped by first class citizens, wealthy people, and the differences between whites and blacks. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Scottsboro Trial are two stories that shaped and influenced three different girls. Mayella Ewell, Victoria Price, and Ruby Gates as victims and accusers play a big role in these stories. These three girls are going to be compared …show more content…

How society shapes Mayella as a victim is that, since the location of the Ewell house is between a black community and the city dump that they view her as trash. Mayella is a lonely nine-teen year old girl who is beat by her father and is looking for someone to care about her, so that’s why she tries to kiss Tom Robinson because she is so lonely. She knows that since she is a Ewell that no one will want to be with her. She figured that she could get with a black man because blacks were lower than the Ewells. Ruby Bates is pretty similar to Mayella in this case. Ruby Gates is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in a clean unpainted shack at 24 Depot Street, in the black part of town with her mother Emma Bates. They are the only white family on the block. Of the five children in the family, two of them are married and the other three live at home. Ruby Gates and her family were known as the “the lowest of the low”. Ruby is shaped by society as a victim because she showed that the case wasn’t directed towards the blacks. Ruby wanted it directed at Victoria Price because she expressed deep bitterness. Even though Mayella and Ruby are victims, Victoria Price falls in with these girls. Victoria is a 27-year-old women who is an accuser of the Scottsboro …show more content…

Victoria and Mayella are alike in being accusers because they are both liars and manipulators. How society makes Mayella an accuser is that since she is a Ewell people see her as less than she is. So, everything she says just goes over their head because the Ewells are classified as trash. Society shapes her into an accuser because they know who her dad is, and whenever the Ewells do something the town just ignores it because they know that they can’t do anything about it. Victoria Price’s situation is a lot similar because so many people from the sheriff to every white man in the town know she is a cocky, lying manipulative women. Society shapes Victoria as an accuser because as many time she was on the stand for the Scottsboro Trial her story would change every time, but that still never gave the boys justice. Even though Mayella and Victoria are accusers, Ruby is a different type of accuser. Ruby didn’t really admit to being raped she just went along with Victoria’s story because she knew Victoria like the attention. A few years later Ruby told what really happened. She should have started with that from the beginning, but she was a scared teenager who didn’t want to hurt anyone. So, as she matured she thought it would be right to tell the

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