Compare And Contrast W. E. B Dubois And Booker T Washington

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Some might say Booker T Washington or W.E.B DuBois was better however; they both had their own stake in civil rights to either try to bring about change or encourage the African American community to be appreciated by whites to where they were loyal from the beginning. As Booker T Washington said in his speech," As we proved our loyalty to you in the past, in nursing your children, watching by the sickbed of you mothers and fathers, and often following them with tear-dimmed eyes the their graves, so in the future, in our humble way, we shall stand by you with the devotion that no foreigner can approach.. "Likewise they both still have that on purpose to where W.E.B. DuBois was advocating for African Americans to receive that same eligible education while, Booker T Washington was fighting for self-reliance and more civil rights. As to where African Americans would be able to vote, so you asked who was a stronger advocate. In my opinion, I would say both, because you cannot attempt to pin one against the other where all they both did was try to compromise in receiving equality of the races. …show more content…

Knowing that the things he was fighting for would play out in a long term event. He was also the first African American to enter into the white house. He could generally be considered as the leading voice of former slaves. He mostly applied to southern whites, and informing them of blacks long-term loyalty to the, other than any other foreigner. Booker T Washington quest for change in his Atlanta Compromise, which called for avoiding confrontation over segregation, and instead putting more reliance on long-term educational and economic advancement in the black community. To where, he proves to be secretly for

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