Compare And Contrast War And The Shock Doctrine

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When speaking on the two points of the U.S. Empire of 1846 and the Shock Doctrine we see that at first glance then tend to have no relation. However, when you investigate and put thought into these two subjects, we see that there are similarities between the two. First, it is important to establish and identify what these two subjects are and their impact on the US. The U.S. Empire of 1846 consisted of a period of American history where the country acquired a significant amount of territory through military expeditions and negotiation strategies between other countries. During this time, we notice that the United States acquired and expanded westward, successfully acquiring multiple states. These states are known and identified as Texas, California, …show more content…

With presidents Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison both during these time periods we would see diplomatic ties with the US by Sir Andrew Jackson. This motive will later lead to a war with Mexico if political individuals proceed to try to achieve power of Texas. Which in result from the text we learn that Mexico tries to take over Texas and the US would respond with aggressive actions forcing the US and Mexico to declare war at the time for the annex of Texas. When the United States pushed to purchase Texas and Mexican California, we see that their attempt did not prevail whilst Mexico views this as an insult. Polk would act and ordered men to “take a bold, firm course towards Mexico.” causing General Taylor to prepare his men for war to not show weakness in this time.
The Mexican-American war ended in the year 1848. A process for citizenship was provided for Mexican’s living in the overruled areas, and America later paid around 15 million dollars for 525,000 sq ft for territory known as Mexican California. This later would lead to the US acquiring more land west earning ownership of New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and portions of Colorado and Wyoming. With the acquirement of these states this leading to the later period called the California gold rush and a numerous relocation in …show more content…

Disaster strategy is what Klein was known for and he stated another strategy that he argues about the fact of economically secured are able to be evacuated and the rest are left vulnerable and left there in the ruins. Klein recently speaks on the fact that he compares the hurricane to the tsunami and the affects it has on individuals such as their home and land. We see that the book does go against the fact that individuals were driven to the fact of obtaining more land and the idea of Manifest Destiny. It is all manipulation and the art of controlling foreign nations to benefit from other ways such as economically and even in politics at times which was stated in the A Wicked War Book. This is a book stating differences between nations over land rights and ownership. We notice that in the expansion to the west coast there was conflict whilst trying to obtain simple objectives driven by the motive of Manifest Destiny. This book shows the simple facts of the ideas of wanting to achieve something can lead to more aggressive outcomes which leads to a bigger effect on future events and

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