Compare And Contrast What's Eating Georny Grape And Of Mice And Men

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Universally, it’s known for people in different time periods to share the same characteristics. In the 1930’s, people were racist and migrant workers travelled all over America. In the 1990’s, society was developing into what it is today. Specifically, an uprise of advanced technology and architecture. Although the time periods differ immensely, the people of those time periods are very similar. In Of Mice and Men, set in the 1930’s, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, set in the 1990’s, Curley’s Wife and Betty Carver share similar characteristics. Curley’s wife, from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and Betty Carver, from the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape both are distractions to the characters and often put their lives and goals in jeopardy. An example of this is when Slim from Of Mice and Men tells …show more content…

“‘Well, you been askin’ me too often, I’m gettin’ God damn sick of it. If you can’t look after your own Goddamn wife, what you expect me to do about it? You lay offa me” (Steinbeck 62). When Curley cannot find his wife, he becomes quarrelsome and confrontational, putting others in danger. Due to Curley’s wife not staying by her husband’s side, the other ranchers’ duties as well as the lives are put on the line, considering Curley’s amount of power on the farm and his well-known wrestling career. Another example from Of Mice and Men is when Curley’s wife approaches Lennie and asks if they could talk. Lennie says, “[George] says I can’t tend no rabbits if I talk to you or anything” (86). George taught Lennie to stay away from Curley’s wife because he knew that she didn’t benefit either him or Lennie, and talking to her could get them into trouble. Additionally, Lennie’s personal goal was to tend rabbits at

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