Comparing Beowulf's Hero-Myths And Legends Of The British Race

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A man of courage can never be defeated by adversity. Inevitably, there are many problems in our life. However, if we are brave enough, we can solve them successfully. In the Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race, Beowulf had powerful sinews and mighty hands. He eagers to try his strength against the monster while he heard the evil monster, Grendel, invade Hrothgar’s hall. And before that, no one can defeat the monster. Nevertheless, Beowulf still wants to kill the fierce and cruel monster. After he decided, he chose fourteen loyal comrades and kinsfolk, and took a cheerful farewell of the Geatish royal family. When the night fighting against Grendel coming, Beowulf took off his mail, unbelted his sword, unhelmed himself, and gave his …show more content…

The reason as he said to his men, “I will strive against this fiend weaponless. With no armour, since he wears none…,” eventually, Beowulf won in this fight. That Beowulf can kill the fierce Grendel successfully is beyond others’ expectation. Because many warriors tried to kill the monster, but all of them failed. Faced with other people’s doubts, Beowulf called up all his courage to fight against Grendel, even with no weapons. Fifty years after, Beowulf was old, and was not strong as before. At the moment, the Fire-Dragon attacked his land; the fiery breath of this dragon was far too deadly and no warrior dared to risk their life. Although Beowulf was an aged man, he decided to fight against the Fire-Dragon. Finally, Beowulf devoted his life to kill the dragon. Having enough courage, Beowulf saved his people in spite of the cost of his life. Besides the story Beowulf, we can also feel the courage in other stories. For example, in the story Howard the Halt, the old Howard fought against the powerful and injustice chieftain, Thorbiorn, in order to claim wergild for his son, Olaf. He went to ask for compensation, but Thorbiorn’s evil words and deeds made

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