Comparing Bradstreet And Sinners In The Hands Of Angry God By Jonathan Edwards

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In the sermon, Sinners in the Hands of Angry God by Jonathan Edwards and the poem, Verses upon the Burning of our House by Anne Bradstreet, they both expressing two different contrasts of God’s purpose. Bradstreet's poem is about the loss of her burning house and personal belongings, and her realizing that God did that for a reason. It shows her that his grace and her faith are more than enough. She does not need materialistics to keep her happy, the earth she lives on and the life God gave her is enough. At the start of her Poem she dwells on her lost items, “And to my God my heart did cry...not to leave me succourless”(Bradstreet). She was fearful of all her belongings being burned down and having nothing left, but the fire did consume the house in flames. …show more content…

She is officially accepting the fact that there is nothing left and she has to say goodbye and move on, but the memories will always be with her. Anne Bradstreet must “raise up thy thoughts above the sky”(Bradstreet). In the final stanzas of her poem, she comes to a conclusion that God’s word and his grace is more mighty and powerful than anything else. She has enough wealth (her life) to last, even though her home was taken from her, she realizes “my hope and treasure lies above”, her faith is stronger and nothing is more important than God(Bradstreet). On the contrary, Jonathan Edwards has a more dark and threatful take of God’s purposes. He expresses that it is easy for God to drop you in hell at any moment, so if you are being unworthy of his faith and sinning then that is when God can cut you off. Edwards even says, “Thus easy is it for God when he pleases to cast his enemies to hell”(Edwards). Meaning that getting rid of garbage for us is similar to God letting us

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