Comparing Legacies 'And The Beauty Treatment'

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The way one portrays his or her self can very quite differently from person to person. Clothes, makeup and jewelry are all superficial ways one can depict one’s self. In contrast, one can portray him or herself on a deeper more intimate level. Establishing the way a person wants to be portrayed is like learning to walk, it takes small productive steps to gain the strength and knowledge to get to the desired destination. Trials and tribulations illustrate and shape one’s true self. Setting, income, and love can also indicate why a person is the way he or she is and the portrayal of him or herself. Throughout Legacies by Jan Zlotnik Schmidt and Lynne Crockett the theme of self-portrayal is laced through almost every fiction and nonfiction story. Legacies hosts a fiction story “The Beauty Treatment” by Stacey Richter. “The Beauty Treatment” is about two friends that diverge into completely different paths. Katie, also referred to as “The Bitch”, shows her wrath by pulling a blade from her mouth and slicing the narrator's face. Before the cutting the narrator was portrayed as a girl with a rich father that gave her unlimited access to money and objects.
The narrator has an avalanche of emotions and stages of diminishing self-portrayal after the incident, the narrator's mother first attest that her life is …show more content…

In “homage to my hips” Clifton writes “these hips are big hips they need space to move around in” (lines 1-2). Clifton writes “These hips have never been enslaved they go where they want to go” (lines 8-9). In a comparison standpoint, both “The Beauty Treatment” and “homage to my hips” use their differences to maintain a common goal of getting attention. Clifton in “homage to my hips” uses her larger than average hips to “put a spell on a man and spin him like a top!” (line 14-15). Base upon what Clifton writes, her hips are how she portrays

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