Comparing Poems 'Those Winder Sundays And' The Possessive

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Maintaining a healthy relationship can present some reservations because of the way characters interact with each other and also as a result of bad nurturing. For example, in “Those Winder Sundays and “The Possessive” both authors face discomfort as a result of each protagonist in the poem relying on someone else to make them happy. A level of maturity is the key to understanding one’s self- identity and one’s own independence. In Robert Hayden’s poem “Those Winter Sundays” he explains how his father’s motive for loving him and raising becomes a challenge for the son to accept, because of his adolescent behavior and likewise in Sharon Old’s poem “The Possessive” the narrator would describe how uncomfortable she felt when she her daughter grow up too fast. Both poems use a narrative that suggest that there are …show more content…

When the author was younger, he would get up and see his father get up early on a Sunday morning, warm the house, and shine the son’s shoes, but he didn’t quite realize that his father is doing this out of love until he got older. In Sharon Old’s poem, the mother had trouble letting go of her daughter and seeing her grow up so fast, because to her, the daughter was still like a baby to her and she was not ready to let her go to become independent and maturing to be a older and responsible woman. She was also afraid of losing her responsibilities as a mother and a parent.

The relationships between parents and children can ultimately lead to acceptance at the end. For example in the poem “ The Possessive, the mother accepted that her daughter is growing up. For example in the 4th stanza it shows the author says “ My body. My daughter. I’ll just have to find another word.” In the other poem by Robert Hayden, the author started accepting when he starts to get older, that what his father is doing is for the sake of

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