Confetti Girl In Tortilla Sun

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“I don’t think I realised how stressed I was, being a single parent. It was really, really stressful. It’s not easy on anybody,” Reese Witherspoon truthfully admitted. However, the situation isn’t just stressful on the parent, but also on the child. Trying to connect with their remaining parent or even just getting over the loss of their other parent. It can be hard on the child to handle the overwhelming responsibility or even missing the empty space which used to be their parent. In passages from Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, the tension of having one parent and how that can affect their families is revealed. In Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez, the narrator, Lina, is having trouble coping with the loss of her mom and connecting with her …show more content…

Izzy wants to be close to someone for once but is finding that difficult since her mother keeps leaving her behind to fulfil her own goals. For instance, shortly after just moving to a new home, Izzy finds out that her mother is moving to Costa Rica to complete some research. This means that Izzy will have to move in with her grandmother in New Mexico. In response to this, Izzy says, “I swallowed hard and tried not to cry. ‘Why do you always get to decide everything? We just unpacked and I-I had plans’” (Cervantes). This explains that Izzy feels like her mother is being selfish and disregarding her feelings since Izzy asks her mom why she rules all decisions. Additionally, after arguing with her mother about moving to New Mexico, Izzy stomps up to her room. In the story she narrates, “I burrowed my head under the pillow with the baseball. A tiny piece of me felt guilty for stealing it, but it belonged to my dad and that made it special. That made it a part of me” (Cervantes). This illustrates that Izzy wants to feel close to someone. Izzy’s father isn’t present in the passage, but Izzy still tries to be close to him just because she’s so desperate to have a meaningful relationship with

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