Comparing Pride In The Scarlet Ibis And A Brother's Crime

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There are stories about characters having a brother who has a deep effect on them which could be because the characters care for their brother. Two stories that are about this are called “A Brother’s Crime” and “The Scarlet Ibis”. Inside “A Brother’s Crime” is about Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, learning about their brother’s crime and has to deal with it. The story “A Scarlet Ibis” is about how a brother has pride in their own little brother that ends badly because of how that pride has good and bad. In “A Brother’s Crime” and “The Scarlet Ibis”, the actions of a brother had a profound effect on one of the main characters. In the story “A Brother’s Crime”, it is about Edwin Booth’s point-of-view to their brother’s crime. The effect it has on them is huge because Edwin’s life changes by having to leave their job and being a suspect of helping Lincoln’s assassination. As Edwin goes to the Boston theatre they soon find out that the owner closes the theatre. The owner states in the note, “…out of respect for the anguish which will fill the public mind as soon as the appalling fact shall be fully revealed, I have concluded to close the Boston theatre until further notice”(Giblin 331). That is the effect of Edwin’s brother’s crime, it causes …show more content…

The narrator’s pride in Doodle is both good and bad, it is good because it made them teach Doodle learn how to walk, but it is bad because they have cruel expectations of Doodle that comes out and acts harsh. Doodle’s disability affected the narrator by giving them a streak of cruelty towards Doodle. It was when the narrator stated, “One day I took him up to the barn loft and showed him his mahogany casket, telling him how we all had believed he would die”(Hurst 164). That was the effect of Doodle’s disability on the narrator, it made the narrator do harsh actions towards Doodle from embarrassment and

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