Comparing Schlinder's List, Hotel Rwanda And Dances With Wolves

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The "Challenge: Expand Our Circle" in this course was very enjoyable. Most of the movies that were played were movies I would have never thought about watching. A few of these movies touched my heart and made me quite emotional. Also, a few of the movies dealt with quite a bit of cultural tensions which made the movie interesting to watch. Before this class, I would have never paid much attention to the music in the movies and how much they connect with the scenes in the movies. Since this class, I have expanded my understanding of the music and have an interest in listening to all the sounds and music being played in a film. A few of the films that expanded my interest were Schlinder's List, Hotel Rwanda and Dances with Wolves. Each film …show more content…

This movie promotes a greater understanding, acceptance, and sympathy of the Lakota culture. The music helped portray both sides in this movie. In the begging of the movie, there is the scene when Timmons is killed by the Indians. When the Indians appear, we hear sharp, loud, screechy strings. This motif occurs later on in the movie when Stands With Fists start to visualize on her childhood the Pawnee Indians came and killed her family and took her away with them. This musical motif makes us think they-they are the bad guys. Like most movies, we think of the soldiers as being the good guys, right? The movie ends up reversing the roles. A good example of this is then the river battle occurred at the end of the movie. The soldiers were taken down by the Indians. The music during this scene is the sound of defeat. Dances With Wolves, Lt. Dunbar, a soldier, ended up becoming really good friends with the Indians. More like family. The Indians took Dances With Wolves side when the soldiers captured him and beat him. The Indians are now the good guys as they are fighting for Dunbar. The music portrays that not all people are bad even when we "think" they

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