Comparing Suspense In The Monkey's Paw And The Tell-Tale Heart

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Have you ever read a really good horror story that has made you suspenseful,mysterious,fearful,or surprised? Well i have,the two short stories that i've The Monkey's Paw, The Tell-Tale Heart.They both include all of the things i listed above. The Monkey's Paw,and The Tell-Tale Heart are short horror stories that contain suspense,mystery,fear,and surprise. In the horror stories The Monkey's Paw and The Tell-Tale Heart, they both give examples of suspense. Here are a few dialogue quotes from The Tell-Tale Heart,”i made up my mind to take the life of the old man,and thus rid myself of the eye forever.”(from page 89 of The Tell Tale Heart by edgar allen poe).The reason that quote is suspenseful,because it makes me want to go on to the next page and find out why hates the eye or why he thinks so badly of the old man.There is also one from The Monkey's Paw and it says,”he took the paw dangling it between his forefinger and thumb,suddenly threw it upon the fire,mr white reached and got it out and morris said,”better let it burn,’’it's suspenseful because i want to know why he told …show more content…

Another example from The Tell-Tale Heart is.I fairly chuckled at the idea; and perhaps he heard me;for he moved suddenly as if startled(pg 90 collection book) and the old man is afraid that's why it is an example of fear. All of those examples contain fear whether their saying it or doing

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