What Are The Similarities Between The Bean Trees And My Sister's Keeper

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The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver and My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult are both books that show a moral dilemma. Anna forces a moral dilemma when she chooses to sue for the rights to her body. Taylor is constantly facing dilemmas in her life, such as whether or not the keep Turtle or to help Estevan and Esperanza. These books have many similarities as well as differences in aspects including theme, characters, plot, and genre.

The theme in The Bean Trees is that family does not have to be blood related. Turtle is Taylor’s only family since she moved away. Lou Ann and Taylor had an argument at the beginning of the book about whether or not they were a family. Taylor said she didn't need any family, but on page 309 Lou Ann says she considers Taylor and Turtle family. They are not blood related, but they are family. In My Sister’s Keeper, the theme is to rely on family when you are struggling. Anna was made to help her family. On page 8, Anna says her family knew exactly what they were getting because they picked out the genes. She believes that if Kate had not been …show more content…

This means that the stories are not true, but they could happen in real life. Taylor leaves home and goes on a journey to start her new life. This could happen because she is a believable character in a real life setting. In My Sister’s Keeper, Anna is a 13 year old girl with a sick sister. Her family is the typical American family. All of these are examples of realistic fiction.

In The Bean Trees, Taylor is constantly faced with moral dilemmas. She has to decide what is best for her and Turtle, but she also wants to help her friends. Anna experiences a moral dilemma everyday because of Kate in My Sister’s Keeper. She really wants to help Kate because she wants her to live, but Anna wants her own life back. She comments that she is always sick but never sick enough for her parents. Both girls over came these dilemmas and did what they knew was

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