Comparing The Cask Of Amontillado And A Rose For Emily

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What is different between "normal" and "abnormal”? as those words apply to the physically and emotional states and behaviors of human beings. Some people might do some terrible thing, such as murdering, sleeping next to the corpse, and other action that normal people are not generally doing in society. These people seem to like to be abnormal, this is due to the ability that most humans have distinguished right from wrong. many times, these “abnormal" people repeat their actions, not only because they might enjoy their actions, but also mental problem block them understanding how horrible and extreme their actions really are. In the stories “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, both Montresor and Emily they killed a man without significant reasons. In both stories, the main characters can easily be classified as psychotic, from their disturbing behavior patterns and the actions committed by both individuals.
In the story of "Emily Rose". It is obvious that Emily 's mental is not normal after her father was dead. She denied the truth, also, she sleeps next to the smelling corpse at home for three days. After buried the body, Emily cut the connections with the …show more content…

These people who usually exhibit special behavior, such as being antisocial, violent, and radical, they can be categorized as psychotic individuals, like Emily and Montresor, these individuals might transmit, simply copy the behaviors from family, or they are a genius meanwhile they think other people 's life is not important. The most similarity characteristic between Emily and Montresor that both their self-esteem are completely extraordinary high. They only care about themselves with their own needs and feelings. Emily cannot accept that she was abandoned by Homer; Montresor cannot bear that he insulted by Fortunato. So, they use the most unacceptable way of revenge. In fact, although they kill people they still no way to make up for the

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