Comparing Willy Loman And Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Wing Chan ENG 104 American Dream In Arthur Miller's " Death of a Salesman" and Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun", both narrators are tell the story of a family in order to pursue success, pursue the "Amercian Dream", finally generated a tragedy. Highlights the contradictions from the process of chasing out in their different dream. Both families are struggling with hard times and the conflict between each member of the families. Miller's story is reflects the reality of American life, the traditional ethics and conflicts of modern society are focus on Willy. From the failed of Willy, his tragedy is mainly due to the error in the value of life and stubborn to pursuit the dream. He and all Americans believe that their …show more content…

Two sons, the eldest son Biff result in a chance to witness his father for infidelity to his mother, life values collapsed, from a high school sports star has become a useless man, 34 years old and still movin; younger son Happy cynicism, indulge in sex. Willy eventually found their son are still care of himself, in order to give his son the capital for a business, he chose to use the death in exchange for insurance approach, calmly toward death. Hansberry's story is about an African American family. Lena is trying to figure out what is the best to do with the insurance money which is coming from her husband's death. Lena want to buy a house to her family and pay the tuition to her daugther because she knows her daugther would like to become a doctor. The rest of money, she will give to her son for fulfill his dream. Lena is the one who is what ultimately

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