The Yellow Wallpaper Compare And Contrast Essay

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When looking at these stories and how they compare, we must take a look at what the author had in mind when writing. The author needs to take in consideration which character will be the protagonist and if that character will be significant in the story. Which qualities and attributes will each character have and what role will he/she play. With all this being said, this leads to the author creating the characters in a dynamic characterization. The main characters in these stories change after realizing and opening their eyes to reality. While comparing both of these stories, both about women that lived during the same era. This was when men were the bread winners and went to work every day and had interaction with other human beings and the …show more content…

The woman in “Cathedral” was so depressed she tried to commit suicide, but instead became ill, and the woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” actually became mentally unstable. The narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper “is trying to break away from her husband and the narrator and character in “Cathedral” is alleviating the blindness. Gilman in “The Yellow Wallpaper is trying to convey to the reader that the female narrator is trapped. Gilman is also demonstrating blindness, she is unaware of her situation and how she is confined in her marriage. The narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is suffering severe depression and it only gets worse within time. She is a new mother, a newlywed, and is being plagued as having post-partum depression by her readers. Her husband keeps her confined for the “rest cure” from family and friends so that she cannot be influenced by anyone. His solution and the other physician’s solution to her sickness is to place her in isolation, and because he is a prestige physician, everyone assumes he knows what is best for her. The narrator is being controlled and cannot see what’s really going on. The narrator is the only source about her situation, but she is not a reliable

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