Comparison Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Do you think a person would put there self’s in harms way and get close to a stranger. Hear of someone being murdered by john Steinbeck. Men of mice there are two men they travel and she gets mixed up in it badly. Curlys wife is to blame because she provoked it and put herself in that situation.
Curlys wife is being nosy and she doesn’t need to put her nose into everything. She pokes around everywhere. She has a husband looking for her 24/7 and yet she still is looking around for a guy to get with . if she would stay where she is needed it would have been fine. So that’s why I think she is at fault of her death.
She provoked him and it was her fault. She told him to feel her hair she also talked to him when she wasn’t suppose to and she yelled

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