Comparison Between Religion And Beliefs In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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All over the world people have religions, cultures, and beliefs, that help them decide how they act or live in life. An example of this is in the play, The Crucible. In the script, The crucible, by Arthur Miller, the people of Salem are Puritans who are led in a theocracy. Because the people of Salem are puritans, they believe in God and the devil. The people of Salem also believe in witchcraft as the devil’s work. At the beginning of the book when Bettie is behaving very strangely in her bed, putnam shouts, “you have discovered witchcraft-” (16). Like Putnam, the people of Salem believe Bettie’s strange behavior is Witchcraft, because their religion contains witches and the devil. Since the people believe that there is witchcraft in Salem
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