Comparison Of Costco And Sam's Club

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Go Shopping! The two stores that I visited recently that sells similar merchandise are Costco and Sam’s Club. I feel like their target market would be business owners and individuals in a higher class with large homes and large families that can afford to stock up on bulk items. About the companies Costco and Sam’s Club is two wholesale stores that provides a wide selection of merchandise, at an exceptional price. Sam’s Club is a warehouse club that is owned and operated by Walmart. It was founded in 1983 after the Walmart founder Sam Walton. Sam’s Club operated about 660 membership warehouses across the world. Also, Costco is a large retail, wholesale club, as well. Costco was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman in 1983 in Seattle. It is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, and have it have 727 locations that spread across the world. Similarities …show more content…

When you walk into the stores, it has concrete floors, low-profile shelves to allow consumers to see the expansive offerings across the store, which makes the warehouse seem less overwhelming. There stores are both membership stores, that allows you to purchase products and services, which is typically lower than places you can find elsewhere. The warehouse stores sells there products in bulk, and they offer just about the same products such as, cleaning supplies, alcohol beverages, office supplies, furniture, groceries, clothing, and electronics. The stores both have pharmacies where you can fill and refill prescriptions, and pick it up at the Costco and Sam’s Club pharmacy, and gas stations right next to their locations. Also, they offer out free samples, so consumers can get a taste of some of their products they offer, which is

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