Similarities Between Costco And Sam's Club

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Costco and Sam's Club
There are so many stores where people can get their groceries and basic needs. Where do you get your groceries from? Out of all the stores Costco and Sam's Club are the mainstream ones with a variety of products. Costco and Sam's Club share many similarities and differences when it comes to their membership, environment/food court, and customer service/experience.
Costco and Sam's Club both offer memberships and to shop in the stores or online you must have a membership. At Costco, there are 2 different memberships which are executive and gold star, the executive membership is $120/year and the benefits it gives you are a 2% annual reward, Costco services discounts, shop online/warehouses, and it includes 2 membership cards. Whereas the gold star membership is $60/year and allows you to shop online/warehouse and it includes 2 membership cards. Sam's Club also offers different memberships known as Sam's Clubs Club or Plus. The club membership at Sam's Club is $50/year and allows you curbside pickup …show more content…

At Costco, you must show your membership ID before entering the store to shop and they usually say hi and welcome when you do. They also have employees that hand out samples to people walking by. From experience at Costcos, I've always encountered very polite and helpful employees. Costco usually has all my needs but it is always packed when I go. When you're walking into Sam's Club you are welcomed with a smile and a hello as well. There are always employees available in the aisles and food sample stands around every corner. Sam's Club is a little smaller than Costco but it's the same concept. From my experience at Sam's Club you usually just go for what you're going for and know Sam's Club only distributes it. Both Sams and Costco make you feel welcome and have useful resources for their

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