Publix Vs Kroger

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I was plaining grocery shop project for a long time. I chose Walmart, Publix and Kroger to make a comparison. I printed a list which is about the stuffs I need for my kitchen form the internet and there were totally 27 things. I divided them to three categories: stuffs for pantry, refrigerator and others. For pantry, I planed to buy rice, dried pasta or noodles, bread, peanut butter, whole oats, cereal, some snacks, cooking oil, vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and sugar. After compared Walmart, Publix, and Kroger, I found most of those things were expensive in Kroger and Publix, but if the things made by their own companies, the price will be much cheaper. For example, extra virgin olive oil, if I buy this stuff which is belonged Publix, it …show more content…

For four of us, I planned to buy two bags of rice($28.76), three dozens of eggs($7.32), two bottles of milk($5.08), three boxes of pasta($4.14), one bag of bread($2.88), one jar of peanut butter($5.48), four boxes of cereal($17.92), cooking oil($2.28), one vinegar($1.22), one soy sauce($5.08), sugar($2.22), two bottles of juice($7.18), one pack of yogurt($3.98), cheese($9.92), apples($5.34), fresh vegetables($14.16), one salt($4.98), one black pepper($4.98), one basic spices($2.96), one ketchup($2.48), one ranch($3.88), one hot sauce($1.98) and one jar of Jam($2.66). Totally costed $146.88. I didn 't include a lot of snacks for my two children, because snacks are not really good for their health and also expensive. There also a lot of other ways to save money and keep health. We can drink water instead of soft drinks, eat more fruits and vegetables than fast food, etc. I prepared this project since March, but because of the anticipation of spring break, I wasted some time. Otherwise, I could finish it before the break. This project also is the last one except entrepreneur project. Those practices about economic let me understand a bit about money. I think this also will help me about financing in the

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