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I have a simple question for you: Do you know about Publix? If you’re anything but southern, you’re probably confused by this. Don’t fret! Your local Publix policy major is here to explain it.

Publix is the place “where shopping is a pleasure.” It’s the one store Floridian middle-class families go to get their groceries and miscellaneous products at midday in their pajamas. Its green theme and rounded letters attract all who are near. When you enter, you smell the bakery’s apple pies and bread clash with the Deli’s honey roasted hams and rotisserie chickens. You see all kinds of people shopping there from the suburban mom picking juice boxes for her kids to the 20-year-old guy who doesn’t know how he got there. The workers are nice enough, …show more content…

It’s a multifaceted major that uses social sciences, economics, and communication skills to enhance company policy and expand boundaries. You get to work alongside the corporate offices as they figure out how to raise sales and reach a larger customer base while still maintaining the image they’ve cultivated. In your sophomore year, you get to learn the ropes about the way Publix chooses the brands it will showcase on its shelves and how each company branch appeals to a different demographic in Politics and Policy (PBL 22100). In Publix Policy Analysis (PBL 22200), you get to figure out how to create and critique new policies like the controversial umbrella policy, the mandatory employee food tutorials, or the placement of the balloon station near the Bakery. In your junior year, you get to specialize in areas like Race, Politics, and Employee Revitalization; Rights for Latin American Customers; and even Organizational …show more content…

It’s my favorite branch and their most diverse one. As a way to reach the large Hispanic population that Miami boasts, Publix created a store that stocks common Latin products. They did the one thing that other large grocery chains refused to do. Sure, some may say that it’s unconventional to cater to only one ethnic minority, but when the majority are Hispanic, wouldn’t it be unfair not to do so? They don’t take away traditionally American products in order to make space for the Hispanic ones; they only add the Latin products into the melting pot. Publix consciously allowed Hispanics, like me, to personally connect with their home products like Sazon Goya, Sofrito, Pastelitos, Flan, and more. I major in Publix Policy studies as a way to use my knowledge and raise social awareness of the need for ethnic inclusiveness in modern society. Today’s America is as divided as yesterday’s America; we have progressed and regressed many times in the last few decades. I want to be part of the subtle change that shows people the benefits of a collaborative society like the one inside every Publix. So tell me, do you know about

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