Comparison Of Society And Class In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Society is like a judge, no matter who the person is, society can always make them feel guilty. Around us, are people of different skin color, religion and gender. Despite how different we are from each other, every one of us is either a part of a minority group or even harassed because of sexual orientation. If we open up our eyes, we would realize how class separates us. An upper class person often attends the most expensive school with the best education while a lower class person struggles while reading a book. The world is very crucial and it is best to avoid the obstacles in our path and move on. To begin, Richard Wright’s Black Boy portrays society and class in numerous subjects. Violence, racism, and discrimination are some of the many ways society and class was demonstrated in the novel. When he was little, Richard has faced terrors a young child should never interfere with. As he grew up, however, Richard began to get involved in vicious fights. During Chapter 12, white employees instigated a fight between Richard and Harrison, a former black employee at another company. The white employees kept telling each man that the other is plotting to kill him. At this point in the story, Richard and Harrison were investigating whether or not the rumors are true. However, both …show more content…

Shmuel, a Jewish prisoner, and Bruno, the offspring of a Nazi soldier, were searching throughout the concentration camp for Shmuel’s father. While searching, there was no sign of Shmuel's father anywhere. However, a guard tricked the Jews into getting them to take a “shower”. Everyone, even Bruno and Shmuel became excited and unaware. As time went on, the guards led the Jews into a gas chamber, where Bruno and Shmuel were never to be seen again. Both stories resembled how minorities are treated by majority groups and what the consequences were if they trusted those who they were being warned

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