Conch Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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In today’s world everyone thinks about the terrorist group and say that they will never become a savage and, yet they have no idea how close they are to becoming one. Golding, author of Lord of the Flies says that we can all easily become Nazis and he uses symbols in the book to support it. Key symbols that he uses is the conch, the fire, the island, and Piggy’s Spectacles. Two of the symbols that Golding uses is the fire and the conch. The conch was a symbol used to display order and power in the lord of the flies. In the beginning of the book Ralph is voted to be the leader of the group just because he has the conch they littleuns started chanting “Ralph, Ralph” “Him with the trumpet thing”, and Jack does not like the conch he wants to get rid of it just to prove that he is the rightful leader of the group and at the end of the story he ends up destroying it and all orders and power is gone. The Conch also represented order throughout the group in the book people can only speak if they have the conch and others can only speak if they raise their hand up like if they were in school to maintain order. Golding also uses the Fire to represent technology and also represents human …show more content…

In the story Ralph tries to keep the fire going to signal rescuers and as the story goes on the fire slowly dies and towards the end it goes out symbolizing that civilization has died and that there is no hope. Jack then starts a fire because he is a full savage and tries to

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