Conch Shell In Lord Of The Flies

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The conch shell was an important symbol in the lord of the flies because it represents civilization, order, and loss of control when it is gone. This symbol is seen all throughout the novel, and without it the story line would change drastically. One of the best things about the conch is that they found it in the very beginning and for most other sables started later on on in the novel and that is interesting that is has been there the entire time and is a big part. I will be explaining this symbol in detail and giving its significance in the novel. The time when they first found the conch shell was an important thing and this novel and helped to keep the civilization running longer then it would have without it. Piggy looked into the glimmering water and saw it laying there and the ocean floor. He picked it up and showed Ralph and ever since they found the conch shell it has been what they use for manny thing. For example they use it to have one person talk at one time. They are only aloud to talk when they are holding the conch and this only happens in the group meetings. If one did not have the conch and they started to talk all of the others would get very mad at the individual and it would not be a good idea for you to do this. This is a symbol of a civilized conversation and if they did not have this it would be a lot harder to have …show more content…

For one example they have a more organized life on the island.That would have been a lot different, and there would have been a lot more chaos in this novel early on.That would have been a lot worse then it would have been without this conch shell and that is a good thing that this brought order to there life's. This also made their meetings more organized and helped them communicate and assign their purpose on the island this help them survive and have a better understanding of how they were going to do things there. This is how the conch shell is a symbol of order in this

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