Conflict In The Glass Menagerie

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The vertical axis of “The Glass Menagerie” was rather interesting. The overarching theme is focused around the human condition during the great depression era which showcases the character of each person in the play.The son,Tom in entrapped working a boring, dead end job just to support his family that his father left. The daughter, Laura, is incredibly shy and has a crippled leg that stifles her confidence and the mother, Amanda, lives desperately in the past. This theme pokes deeply at humanities wounds because it forces the characters, particularly, Tom to make tough choices. He will have to leave a depressing lifestyle/family for a life conjured up by one’s dreams. Tom is displayed to be a sort of caring individual to some degree because he does support his family even though he hates his life. Amanda is displayed as a nagging women and does not display much depth in my opinion. The major plot here is essentially that three family members are living a mediocre existence and all hope for something more with their lives. Throughout the play, we are given a glimpse into this family and how the dynamic of what they each want creates inevitable conflict that eventually leads to a broken family unit. The diction in the text helped with the development of conflict throughout the play. The fusion of prose and poetry in this play really lends itself to creating a contrast between the respectful and the disrespectful types of characters. The respectful style represents
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