The Glass Menagerie Rhetorical Analysis

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This quote begins the plot by creating the exposition. The narrator or speaker does this by explaining the setting of the Younger household, telling the audience which rooms are where and that they have lived in that space for many years. The narrator also gives personification to the objects such as the furniture around the house which makes them feel alive in a way. The time and place is also given which is the period after World War II in Chicago which may explain certain tones and language that the characters may use. Moreover, by telling the audience that many people live in the Younger household, other than themselves, and that they all share rooms or that their son sleeps in the living room, the audience can infer that they are not very …show more content…

With this time period in mind, the audience can infer the financial situation of their family is very dire and that they are holding on by a thread to even live a normal life. Moreover it explains how the play is narrated and held in the point of view of the main character, Tom, and it is a memory play which illustrates that the play is taking place in Tom's memory which recalls events from a person's life that may be exaggerated and described in a sentimental way thus showing how many parts may become fairly unrealistic. Furthermore, in scene two, where the audience is told that Laura, the sister, dropped out of college due to an incident involving a panic attack, the audience is able to understand her personality by demonstrating that she has a very anxious, shy, and coward-like personality, thus adding to the exposition of the character traits. Also, with her dropping out, it explains that the tuition for her college was fifty dollars which was a lot of money, and that it was their mother's, Amanda's, plans and ambitions thrown down the drain which further supports that the family is in need of money because of the Depression. These overall, add to the exposition of the plot by explaining the setting, adding to the character traits, and things as such, but it may also include the rising action which is when Laura decided to drop out of her college, wasting the fifty dollars her mother paid for her to

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