Bel 311 Week 2 Rhetorical Analysis

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I agree with the message of this clip, which is to be cautious when looking for love and be certain that a deep and meaningful connection is present prior to engaging in intercourse with another. I think this is important because we live in a world that is over sexualized and as a result teaches our youth the wrong messages and leaves women feeling that they must seduce a man in order to entice and keep a man. In my opinion, Pastor Paul quoted two of the most profound statements which was King Solomon 's quote "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires" this was a crucial message because it was directed at women who throughout history have had a tendency to seek love and in many cases try to force love when it is non-existent. Too many women today confuse intercourse with love and they end up with their hearts broken because they believed that a physical relationship would heighten their emotional …show more content…

The second quote from the First Corinthians 6: Paul "Flee sexual immorality" was short but extremely powerful considering that sexual immorality exists all around us it is important to not fall victim to it, everything that is socially acceptable is not morally correct and therefore it is a person decision to make a distinction and conduct oneself

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