Chrysler Rhetorical Analysis 2013

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Taylor Whethers
Jacky Brammer
October 5, 2015
Chrysler 200
Chrysler, a well-known American automobile business, took the opportunity to capitalize off of one of the country’s biggest events, by premiering a heartwarming Chrysler 200 promotional ad during the Super Bowl. They were clever in their tactics because the commercial was able to reach a large amount of people, due to the millions of viewers that tune into the game every year. This alone could have increased the sales of the new car, which was the company’s purpose, but they didn’t stop there. In actuality, the biggest seller of the ad was its nationalistic, relatable, and inspiring content. It’s rather ironic that a controversial rap superstar, infamous city, and a tough …show more content…

Firstly, the intensity and tone of the narrator’s voice signify a lot in itself. He sounds tough and confident, representing the strength and durability of Detroit. Secondly, the images and scenery tied nicely with the topic of the voice over. For example, when it first began, and the man asked “what does this city know about luxury?” rough images of the town were shown, including clips of shabby and frugal buildings, illustrating poorness and poverty. As he started to talk about positive aspects of the region, such as solidity and capability, clips of a hard fist statue, diligent working men, and determined athletes were displayed. Eminem’s most popular song “Lose Yourself” played a significant role in Chrysler’s effectiveness as well. Any addition of music can arouse a viewer’s emotions, but the fact that the song was about perseverance was another plus, because it went with the message of the advertisement. The ending of the commercial tied everything together. It involves a climax of Eminem walking towards a heavenly church choir singing a powerful tune. This provides another sentimental element. When he arrives, the choir becomes silent, as if he has something important to say. At that moment Eminem, who hasn’t spoken the entire commercial says the logical statement “This is motor city, and this is what we do”. As he exits, Lose Yourself begins to play again, and the new Chrysler 200 is fully shown, for the first time, in all its beauty. There’s smoke coming out of it, and it looks luxurious and strong. The car was only revealed briefly, which is important, because it leaves the viewers thinking and curious about the product. Chrysler did a magnificent

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