The Glass Castle Essay

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The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls is story that revolves around a family that faces the hardships of a low class life, constant frustration, and hopelessness. I believe this story is centralized by the title of the book. “The glass castle” throughout the book is a dream, it is dream to Jeanette and her whole family, it represents a better life in a better place. Jeannette Walls centralizes her writing based on diction, the writer specifically chose unique words to show her experiences and emotions, this helps readers interpret the story from the writer's point of view.
The book “The Glass Castle” is based on the life of Jeanette Walls and the hardships she and her family concur. Through this piece of literature Jeanette Walls, the author, conveys many uses of diction to expatiate her vague but lucidly described, recollection of …show more content…

In using diction the author was able to invigorate a higher connection, and therefore amplify a connection between reader and writer. Another example, that can really inform readers in multiple aspects is, “The houses up here were shabbier than the brick houses lower down in the valley. They were made of wood, with lopsided porches, sagging roofs, rusted-out gutters, and balding tar paper or asphalt shingles slowly but surely parting from the underwall.” (Walls 150) Jeanette connected her lifestyle with her environment around her, as well as connecting the readers with her feelings. We can interpret undoubtedly, that Jeanette has a positive attitude. Jeanette explains that the houses were “shabbier” than the ones in the valley, she isn’t direct in her meaning but what exbiting is a responds to her life then. She is using her words to display her connection with herself, and what she feels. This strategy has stimulated not only extreme detail, but also amplify the writer’s

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