Conflict In The Movie Crash

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2. The film starts with Marion Crane engaging in an affair with a man called Sam Loomis. It appears as if Sam is paying off debt or having cash issues, and both Marion and Sam consider leaving Arizona together. This is where Marion goes to work and is given forty thousand dollars’ worth of money from the bank, however she chooses to take the cash and flee. She, at that point, drives for quite a while and happens to wind up at the Bates Motel, because of the terrible climate conditions. This is the place Marion meets the on-edge proprietor of the motel, Norman Bates. Norman has all the earmarks of being living with his mom, when addressed by Marion about his mom, he appears to be distressed and extremely restless to uncover any description about her.
At first, the conflict seemed to be about Marion and the fact she ran out of the situation with the money instead of Sam. Later in the movie, it was more apparent that the conflict was more towards Norman and his mother.
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I think the conflict started once Norman had found a type of obsession with his mother and how visually his actions and behavior related to his actions. Norman wound up fanatical over his mom, the main woman on the planet for him, just needing her focus regarding be centered around him the way he just could concentrate his on her. Indeed, even as he developed over time, he wanted her consideration over everything, particularly when she dated older men. He felt a twinge of desperation each time she disregarded him for another man; which may have prompted his mental breakdown. However, overall, if Marion had not stolen that amount of money and went on run away then I would say the conflict wouldn’t have started (to herself
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