Conflict In The Necklace

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One’s character can be defined by need. Sometimes we cannot accept our lives as they are, and therefore, we live our lives pessimistically. Guy de Maupassant is able to express this in his story “The Necklace”, which is set in 19th century France. He makes us ponder and appreciate our lives, as we see what takes place in the story. In “The Necklace” the characterization supports the ongoing dilemmas that Mathilde, the main character, faces. Mathilde is a pretty and charming woman that got married to a clerk, who was not extremely wealthy. Mathilde despises that she is not the richest and most wealthy woman. She wanted, with the greatest passion, to be loved and wedded by a rich, acclaimed man. This leads to the progression of conflict throughout…show more content…
This external conflict also helps the reader develop a clearer understanding of Mathilde’s character in “The Necklace”. The first quote that shows the conflict between Mathilde and her husband occurs after he gives her the envelope with the letter to go to the ball, but she had other ideas in mind, “Instead of being delighted, as her husband hoped, she threw the invitation on the table with disdain, murmuring: ‘What do you want me to do with that?’” (Maupassant page) Maupassant uses this conflict between Mathilde and her husband because it helps the readers gain a greater understanding of who Mathilde is at her core. This quote supports the fact that Mathilde’s character is very not appreciative about what people give her or even when someone tries making a change to make her happy. Another quote that gives a good understanding of Mathilde’s character is following Mathilde’s losing of the necklace, and her husband responds, “’What is the matter with you?’” (Maupassant page) After Mathilde’s husband asks her what’s the matter with her, it shows that she is a type of character that is not responsible, and does not appreciate something that she is fortunate to have (the necklace and then loses it). This external conflict between her and her husband also helped create a good understanding of who she
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