Containment During The Cold War

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The era of the Cold War was a tumultuous time where conflict arose in many aspects of American culture and international wars waged to prevent the spread of Soviet influence over other nations. U.S. foreign policy would see much intervention, where nations were used to engage in proxy wars. The United States’ domestic politics would see much panic among congress and many senators, where the looming fears of Soviet influence and communist spies altered how politicians and lawmakers conducted themselves and how laws were passed. The influence the cold War held on American society would have many civil liberties violated and ignored, tensions would erupt consequently leading to protests which see the fabric of tear as demonstrations and …show more content…

Containment was the policy put forth by George F. Kennan, who held that the Soviet Union lacked reasoning and logic (Schaller 976). Containment was the manner to counteract communists uprising and undercut any potential expansion of the Soviet Union 's influence. This approach to communism and Soviet Union’s ambitions would be the core of American foreign policy for forty years(Schaller 976). In one of these early acts to counter the Soviet Union’s objectives, congress approved the release of 400 million dollars towards putting down the rise of communism in Greece(Schaller 976). Across Asia many conflicts would arise, most notably in Korea and Vietnam. Beginning as a proxy war, the conflict in Korea would have the nation divided at the 38th parallel as agreed by the United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Until the years of 1945 to 1950, as both of the world’s greatest superpowers funded and supported the sides which shared their view. Espousing the views of communism and fighting in the Soviet Union’s stead was Kim Il-sung organized and created the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea while the United States sunk their support for the more southern Korea’s government known as the Republic of Korea led by nationalist Syngman Rhee (Schaller 980). The two Korean governments vied for total control and …show more content…

As stated previously, the political climate of the Cold War lent itself to manufacture fear and panic among politician in order to perpetuate a sense of anxiety against communism and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Similar to the approach the Soviets and communists took in other nations, American society was filled much anti-communist propaganda and promoted America’s efforts to fight the horrors of the communists. The Red Scare as it came be known as included pieces of Anti-communist propaganda, where fear spread among the American public and influenced the opinions of the masses on a large scale (Schaller 1016). Hints of any communist ideals were met with hostility across American society, effectively preventing any formal or civil discussion on the matter.The United States became fragmented, it 's denizens in protest and division. To oversee the stability of American values and stability, the House committee on Un-American Activities was created (Schaller 981-982). The House committee on Un-American Activities core objective was ensure communism did run rampant and effectively quell any individual or group suspect of communist ties or affiliations (Schaller 981). The House committee on Un-American Activities was led by John Rankin, who much like Joseph McCarthy, exploited the committee in order undermine his rivals, who championed the liberal causes (Schaller 981).

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