Cold War American Red Scare Essay

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The cold war was very scary and had america at the brink of nuclear warfare and communism was the main focus point during these times. Communism in the 1960s was very scary and killed many people due to the growth of it. America had many issues with communism like, russia's red scare, cuban missile crisis, and the influence of communism in television. those topics had a lot to do with it since it brought fear to america and their people. The cold war was known for the spread of communism and also about how nuclear warfare could be a major problem. The united states thought that a communist government was bad idea and did not agree with other communist countries. However the soviet union was one of the major problems as well because they were …show more content…

The red scare affected the united states because they feared that they would fall to communism. This led to many people being arrested for allegedly having connections and relations to communism. The people who were arrested were usually public figures who were communist. However the russian red scare came from the term that mccarthy had used to describe communist russian terrors. They were scared of communism and that it would spread to america. America was worried about that how communists could influence america to become a communist state. They did this by promoting communism through public figures. The united states was worried if communist russia will steal important files and information from them. The soviet union would do this by sending communist spied to gather valuable information. This was a problem because they could easily steal nuclear information which could be used against the United states. however america had arrested many spies during “witch hunts”. They did this because they didn't want russia to turn into a superpower with nuclear weapons. Another reason why russians red scare was so scary was because they could fall to communism and so could other states according to the domino theory. America had to fight in other countries to prevent the spread of communism. Communist could easily influence the united states and overthrow the U.S government if they let them. There were many reasons why america was scared of communism not just russia's red scare but they also had threats coming from cuba and their communist

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