Controversy Over Euthanasia Essay

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There is a great deal of controversy over euthanasia. Religious beliefs only play a small part in the complex issue. Those who have strong religious beliefs are of the opinion that we should not play God and let nature take its course. As a passage of the bible states; “Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish; why shouldest die before thy time?” Doctors from the early nineteenth century also opposed this ‘ghastly’ act of euthanasia, most likely due to the fact they followed the same religious code, as religion played a much more important role in the majority of people’s lives at this time. Dr. Christof Hufeland wrote in 1806 that ‘The physician should and may do nothing but preserve the life.’ Anti-euthanasia doctors in contemporary society follow this same code as they believe that a doctor’s only role is to care for the patient and no more; they should not intervene with moral issues such as if their life is precious or …show more content…

Dr Dai Samuels states, ‘I have been able, in almost every occasion to support my patients when they were dying without actively ending their lives’. This is usually referred to as end of life care or palliative care where an individual is overloaded with medication to keep them alive even though there is zero chance of them being able to recover from their current condition. This can become abundantly stressful for the person concerned and their loved ones around them due to the later stages of palliative care when the person is no longer capable of eating or drinking. It is basically a waiting game for the person to die as often no one can determine the time the prolonged agony will last. This is where I feel passionately that assisting a person to a peaceful death would be a far more dignified, less daunting and cost efficient end to a life, especially if it’s their final wish, much like

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