Copy Shop Film Analysis

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Individuality is unaccepted and isolated from our society that embraces conformed values.The Copy Shop and L’homme sans tete are examples of short films that reflect this ironic problem of society where individuals are not identified with their individual morals, but conformed morals enforced by society. The 2001 short film, Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich conveys the idea of conformity. This is done foremost through the metaphor of 'copies' that fill up the film's world that represent conformity, where the composer satirises our society which is filled up by 'copies' of individuals sharing conformed ideals. Furthermore, this scene reflects the timeless nature of conformity through the motif of ‘copies’, conveying that conformity will always exist as long as ‘copies’ exist through conforming to each other. The composer also makes use of the …show more content…

However, he later realises that to be accepted by his date he will probably need a ‘head’, hence picking the ‘red handkerchief’ back up, where he gains a desire to conform, thereby suppressing individuality. Furthermore, it can be seen throughout the film that the protagonist happens to be always unhappy or uncomfortable with the heads, which is reflected especially through the last head, where his initial burst of happiness is juxtaposed with his disappointment, when he realises the difference in colour of the face and his hand, hence choosing to remain without one. This conveys that whilst one may feel happiness in conforming, one cannot achieve true satisfaction through fabricated identities and ideals enforced by society. Henceforth, the film, L'homme sans tete, successfully conveys the idea of individuality versus conformity, and therefore can be considered a great medium in which its themes and messages are transmitted

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