Cormac Mccarthy The Road Essay

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Want to know how a post-apocalyptic environment can affect your ways of life? The Road by Cormac McCarthy has a clear depiction of the reality of a post-apocalyptic world. The night is scary and realistic. This is the reality that you can not escape. A true understanding of life, the aspects of reality. The aspect of having an option to live through the inferno is the chooser decision. You wouldn 't have to live through it, simply if you choose death. The belief of a better life is the unrealistic struggle. Death is the realistic option that an ideal human would choose. Humans want to get rid of the pain, not continuing living through it. “The father and son witness a marching formation of red-scarved cannibals followed by their violently won spoils, including slaves treated like livestock—pulling wagons, “yoked each to each,” and presumably available to satisfy every hunger of their captors”. (Dominy) The unnamed man and boy would not be in a such a situation if it was the apocalypse. Resources could actually be found and not disintegrated. “The …show more content…

A pool of guts. He pushed at the bones with the toe of his shoe. They looked to have been boiled. No pieces of clothing”. (Dominy) A misunderstanding that continues to run through the protagonist’s head. The unnamed man and boy have been through the same reality ever since the wife has passed away. “In some towns the pair travel through, billboards are painted over to create a clean space to write warning messages, but “through the paint could be seen a pale palimpsest of advertisements for goods which no longer existed”. (Dominy) Confusion running through the unnamed man’s brain, but an expected confusion. Cannibalism plays a big factor in The Road, from consumerism to traditional cannibalism, Cormac McCarthy shows cannibalism as a traditional idea. Cannibalism is never really seen present, but the aftermath is seen after it happens, which is what you will see on the streets. “While

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