Corruption In The Canterbury Tales

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Destruction can come in the form of corruption as can be seen by literary in the medieval period. A good work to look at is Geofrey Chaucer's story, The Canterbury Tales as it relates corruption to people. In the most lively moments, Chaucer's story relays to the reader how many can be different than what they seem. These lies can also end up destroying a kingdom. Many would take deliberate steps to fool anyone who gaze upon them, and in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales it is seen that there were precedents that were set in place to make the situation of the story seem important as it "was soon one with them in fellowship, / Pledged to rise early and to take the way"(Chaucer l.32-33. 115). Rising early shows discipline, shows that one will take …show more content…

While lust isn't clear during the beginning of the story there is clear signs of manipulation and pridefulness that can jeopardize a large amount of reliance for Sir Gawain. This all starts what the Green knight arrives at King Arthur's castle and challenges Sir Gawain. This is all to prove that Sir Gawain is actually brave. (Poet). Pride can get the better of everyone, and when it comes to an emperor who becomes to prideful; well it could end up with his empire being destroyed by those who were able to take take down the prideful ruler. Not only that, but in addition to pride, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight shows what trouble lust can cause when "the lady of the castle tries to seduce Gawain. Determined not to deceive his host or violate the agreement, Gawain accepts only two kisses"(Poet 183). While sir Gawain is truthful in his approach it does not mean that he has won the battle. Since when it comes to what women want, many always want what the highest bidder can give them even if they must do ungodly tasks just to receive such material objects. In Poet's story this even goes as far as "the third day, the lady tries persuade Gawain to accept a gift and to keep from her husband."(Poet 183). In the end people corrupt people to the point of never turning back. This causes complications in an empire since the people won't ever know who is truthful. Corruption can lead to riots against those who have

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