Redemption In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Throughout Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we see many places where redemption and self-worth are extremely important to the plot. Redemption is the act of failing and falling, but getting back up again, time after time. Gawain fails to meet this in many parts of the story, including bad bets, trying to believe he was faultless, and, most importantly, blaming others for things he himself did. While the act of redemption is very real, Sir Gawain does not showcase this. Gawain can’t seem to learn his lesson when it comes to betting. He first agreed to the bet with the Green Knight, found out what happened with that, then took on an additionals three bets to the lord, never learning what he should have about betting. Redemption is about learning …show more content…

“But no wonder if a fool should fall for a female and be wiped of his wits by womanly guile- it’s the way of the world.” (Armitage: 181,2414-2416) Gawain blames all of his troubles the past year on women. Not people who might’ve gotten in his way, or the lord of the manor, but specifically woman. Gawain cannot redeem himself by blaming others, but does it anyways. He was supposed to be the epitome of chivalry and purity, but blames a single woman, the lady of the manor, on everything that he started. Gawain was the one to agree to the Green Knight’s challenge, not a woman who told him to. He took on the lord’s bets, without the ladies saying anything to him. Gawain’s pride and misogyny showed that he could not complete, or even start a path to redemption. All in all, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight gave many fine examples of classic literature and the beauty of it. However, Gawain tried to redeem himself, but failed miserably. Redemption is achieved by falling and getting back up. Gawain tripped over his own feet, then blamed the girl who didn’t do anything. Gawain cannot teach anyone anything about redemption. Redemption is a thing that exists and many people strive for, but Sir Gawain is not one of those

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