Count Of Monte Cristo Research Paper

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The main theme of The Count of Monte Cristo is that many people wish to seek revenge, but it often backfires on them. This theme is present throughout the entire novel in a variety of different ways, and Dumas makes many fascinating remarks on society throughout the characters’ actions and personalities. Dumas is saying that society typically thinks that revenge could be a good idea; however, Dumas is trying to convey that revenge—though tempting—is not an honorable choice. Edmond Dantès chose the track of revenge rather than taking the high road and living the remainder of his life in relative peace. In the novel, Dantès helped the good before punishing the wicked. If Edmond would have stopped his plight of revenge after helping the good—or if he had seen that what he …show more content…

There are many people that would say revenge is an appropriate answer to solving most problems, but Dumas shows that even in the most intense situation, revenge can backfire, and cause more harm than good. Dantès is an excellent example of someone who viewed revenge as a valid option, but got hurt just as much as he hurt others. This is a good lesson because some people in today’s society would rather hurt others to make themselves feel better rather than take the high road and move on. They may view the option as more rewarding, but clearly Dumas’s novel proves that is not always the case. In accordance to this, Dumas is saying that society would often sympathize with Dantès even though he is doing abysmal things to those who hurt him. Society would sympathize with Dantès because he could not be with the woman he truly loved, but ended up with Haydee instead “God has sustained me against my enemies and I see now He does not wish me to end my triumph with repentance. I intend on punishing myself, but God has pardoned me! … Perhaps your love will help me to forget all I do not wish to remember” (Dantès

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