Criminal Trespass Simulation Exercise Analysis

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The simulation exercise prepares students for what the role of a public defender or a prosecutor entails. The preparation for the simulation includes reading over the case file and understanding what charges were brought against the defendant. Then analysis the evidence of the case. This provides the backbone for the case and deal making. Although I was not able to complete the plea portion of the simulation I have provided the reflections of my preparations. In this simulation I was assigned to the role of a prosecutor. While preparing for the simulation I was nervous about how to analysis the charges and angle that I needed to pursue. This made me think about the different ways that someone could undermine the facts that were presented in …show more content…

This is because Pat was caught red handed in the morgue without permission. I would want to pursue the maximum of a Class C misdemeanor with jail time of thirty days and a $500 fine. That is because it is an offense committed at night and would be something in exchange for reducing the sentencing of burglary. The one concern that I have with the dismal of the Burglary charge, in pursuit of Criminal Trespass, would be the disapproval of the Chief Prosecuting Attorney. Would the Chief Attorney be against this decision due to the reduction in time for possible sentencing? Resisting Arrest would be another charge that I would consider pleading to an attempt of Resisting Arrest. This is due to the fact that Pat did not make contact with the officer. He made an attempt to punch the officer but ultimately failed to make impact. He although did create a substantial threat to the police officer. This could be used as a bargaining tool as …show more content…

He provided this conduct while driving drunk and while attempting to assault a police officer. He was first was screaming profanities at the traffic lights and then later trying to engage in fighting with the police officers. This provides enough evidence to pursue this charge. I would want to use the maximum fine and jail time in this situation. This is due to the fact he has attempted this twice. Theft is a charge that I would hold firm on due to the fact that he was in possession of the jewelry that belonged to the defendant. The defendant was found with jewelry that valued from $400 and $800. This would be a Class C misdemeanor and a fine of $500 with 30 days in jail. I believe that this is something that is a solid case. The only thing that concerns me is the possibility of an illegal search on behalf of the police officers. The validity of the search could cause a problem with the evidence. I would assume that the search was legal and that the defendant would agree to this

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