Grand Larceny Trial Essay

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Introduction The period of the trial was the 1910, more specifically the trial started on May 13, 1910 (pg.1). During the 1910 America was still developing into a world power, and many immigrants from other countries where attracted to t he prosperity that was available in America (Baily, S. L., 1983, pg.281). New York State specifically was one of the fastest growing states in the country with one of the best economical prosperity for native workers, and immigrants (Baily, S. L., 1983, pg.281). What is the crime in the trial? Provide a brief summary Guiseppe Smeraldi was on trial for grand larceny in the first degree (pg.1). Grand Larceny is the taken of property from an individual, which most be of a certain value (pg.1 & 4). On March 17th, 1910 Leonard Dinatalie accused Guiseppe Smeraldi of taking two hundred dollars from his right side trouser pocket (pg.3). The incident occurred in a movie theater that was located on 2060 …show more content…

The fist argument that will show the prosecutor brining irrelevant evidence to the court was, “Q. And you were arrested for shoving and shuffling against people in that casino, weren’t you? A. They arrested me inside of the star casino, when I was taking to a man that is a member of a society that had a parade that day.” (Pg.36). This line of argument by the prosecutor does, and did not bring any further evidence against Guiseppe Smeraldi for the crime of Grand Larceny, which was the reason for the trial. Another argument that the prosecutor made was , “Q. Well, don’t you know that very recently he was serving sentence in jail? A. Yes, sir” (pg.47). On (pg.47) the prosecutor was cross-examining the employer of Guiseppe Smeraldi, and was attempting to smear the reputation of the defendant by yet again brining his past criminal record to the court, which held to relevance to the charges that where brought up in

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