The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Essay

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The movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about a boy named Benjamin who ages in reverse, so he is born the size of a normal baby but is wrinkly and has arthritis, he continues to age backwards and goes through everything a normal human would, just in reverse. His birth mother died while giving birth and his father leaves him on a doorstep of an elderly home. Thankfully a kind worker named Queeny loves him and raises him. And this is just the beginning. This story is unique and creative due to the fact that a newborn baby looks and internally seems like a 90 year old man that was just born. As he ages backwards he has to learn to walk on crutches then has to learn to walk without them, he still looks like an old man just smaller than …show more content…

You can thank computer-generated imagery for that. CGI is used for the first hour or so of the movie. CGI made Brad Pitt an old man on a child's body for the film and has to do so for a large portion of the movie. And you wouldn’t be able to tell it was made from a computer. The film switches from light to dark scenes, the movie is mostly dark lighting but incorporates shots with light and brightness. They choose a lot of medium and longs shots in the film with very little close ups. I think they do this to show the changes in Benjamin, not only in his face but the way he stands, sits, and walk all of his mannerisms. The film uses cool colors and is a bit washed out, there aren’t many colors that pop, use low key ways of showing color. This film seems very realistic due to the outstanding CGI. I think that the film is in between formalism and realism, the way the movie is produced and shown visually seems realistic but I do not believe that a human would ever age in reverse as Benjamin did. The time period and the way the actors talk, dress, and do are all realistic and true which would make is realism but it is formalism in the fact that a man ages in reverse, is born a 90 year old child and dies a

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