Ben Franklin: An Inventor

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Inventor, Founding father, and Smart , are three things that describe Ben Franklin. Many people know that Ben Franklin was the creator of the lightning rod, but he was much more. As a well known inventor, Ben Franklin inspired many Americans that they can do anything and that nothing is impossible. He left a lasting legacy of inventions that helped us back then and now. The origin of Ben Franklin 's need for change started during his childhood. In school, he believed that books and science were very important and this motivated him to be an inventor. When he was eleven years old, he invented swimming flippers, but he wasn 't done there. According to (Mothner), “he started to invent small things, when he was little he brought his kite to the lake on a windy day and was surfing on water.” In …show more content…

During Franklin 's time, he had made many long lasting achievements. According to (Mothner) “Franklin was the first ever that did home delivery at this time.” Franklin was a founder of some libraries at his time because not everyone could afford books, so he made a library so everyone can read and write. He had made house insurance by the cause of many fires that spread very quickly and it was hard for people to make their homes again or fix it, so that 's why he made it and it motivated him to make more improved and preferred inventions. He also opens a hospital considering that he wanted to help many people that were ill to heal them due to if one person got sick, everyone in town would get sick. Ben Franklin left a long lasting legacy of the founding fathers. He showed Americans that if you try you can do anything that you want to create. He is certainly a hero of change because he invented many things that helped us back then and now. He also shows Americans about electricity. Perhaps if people were more like Franklin we would be very smart and could create things that we thought we could

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