Benjamin Franklin Research Paper Outline

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Introduction 1 Benjamin Franklin was always loved to read and write and it led him to his amazing accomplishments. 2 Some of his accomplishments he had were in all subjects that are in schools today. 3 His accomplishments consisted of the first battery, the bifocal glasses, and he made the Odometer. 4 (thesis statement) There are so many reasons that Benjamin Franklin should be remembered. Body Paragraph #1 : _The battery __________________________ RA Benjamin Franklin should be remembered because of his success in creating the first battery. C From the article the Amazing Adventures of Ben Franklin it said “Franklin also discovered the difference between conductors and insulators of electricity.” E This evidence shows me that Benjamin…show more content…
C I found in the article The Amazing Adventures of Benjamin Franklin it says “Tired of changing eye glasses to see near and far.” E This quote shows me that if people use Bifocal glasses then how could people forget about their maker. C Another quote in the article The Amazing Adventures of Ben Franklin said “Franklin simply combined two pairs into one.” E This quote shows me that when he combined the two that no one has ever made done this and he is the only one that's done this before. C The last quote I found in the article the amazing adventures of Benjamin Franklin it states “He praised his device as allowing him to see both his dinner and who was speaking to him.” E This quote shows me that he was confident in his work and he was probably thinking I will never be forgotten once I make these glasses. SS That is just a few reasons that Benjamin Franklin can never be forgotten. Body Paragraph #3 : _The_lightning rods_________________________ RA The last reason that I think that Ben Franklin can not be forgotten is because of his amazing discovery with the key connected to the lightning…show more content…
C I also found in the text that it says “His Revolutionary idea was to conduct electricity safely into the ground to save buildings from fires.” E This quote shows me that Benjamin Franklin was the only one that one Revolutionary discovery. C The last citation that I had found from the article states “ The simple metal rod connected to a wire made Franklin famous throughout Europe and the
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