How Did Som Franklin Influence Thomas Jefferson

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Among our founding fathers were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson who all worked brilliantly to help bring about America’s independence from England. These three writers influenced the changing cultural mindset of the new colonies to set forth a meaningful Declaration of Independence from England. England wanted to benefit from the colonies with heavy taxes. Not all Americans were in favor of independence from England. This was rapidly changing with the newly stamp act of 1765 which was forced onto the colonies by England. In 1750 Pastor Jonathan Mayhew wrote “no taxation without representation” which added fuel to the fire in America’s quest for Independence. Franklin’s father Josiah wanted to obtain religious freedom by migrated to the colonies from England (Madden 912). Born in 1706 Benjamin Franklin grew up to be one of the most creative colonist. …show more content…

He would become an amazing scientist by creating many inventions like bifocals, the Franklin stove, swimming fins, and the lighting rod (Isaacson). He would experiment with electricity by flying a kite in a lighting storm, which would give him international fame (Isaacson). Franklin was not only a “resourceful scientist” but also a “master negotiator” (Isaacson). With the revolutionary war on the horizon it was critical that the colonists unite to fight for their independence. An Englishman by the name of Thomas Paine would join the fight for American Independence by using his “extraordinary rhetorical powers” (Wilson). Paine worked many jobs such as a tax collector, “corset maker, a privateer interrupting enemy trade, and a school teacher” (Humanist Profile). After being fired, a friend influenced him to come to America and meet Franklin in 1774 (Humanist Profile). Like his father Paine was a Quaker who “rejected hierarchies in church and state” and would oppose the “rising artisan class”

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